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Experience Magical Candlelight Concerts At This Stunning Outdoor Venue In San Diego

By Secret San Diego

As if a winery couldn’t get any more romantic!

These enchanting Candlelight concerts are coming to San Diego this summer, and you don’t want to miss out on seeing Mount Palomar Winery in this new light. Enjoy live classical music surrounded by hundreds of flickering candles, while enjoying fresh air and incredible views at one of the most iconic wineries in San Diego.

For the safety of our audience, all of the candlelight will be provided through flameless candles.

Mount Palomar Winery

Mount Palomar Winery is located at 1400 feet of elevation, offering stunning views of rolling hills and lush vineyards. With the dramatic Palomar Mountain Range as a backdrop, this charming winery creates delicious fine wines on 55 acres in the Temecula Valley. It’s been operating since 1969, when it was founded by former radio engineer John H. Poole.

The Candlelight concert series will be kicking off at Mount Palomar Winery starting in June, and you’ll love these intimate live concerts with a glass of fine wine in hand. Food and drink from the winery will be available for purchase while you listen to some of San Diego’s finest musicians. And of course, you’ll be surrounded by a sea of glowing candles. 

Candlelight Concerts

Guests will enjoy unforgettable performances including Vivaldi’s Four Seasons, a violin tribute to each season of the year. And be sure to catch From Bach to The Beatles, which features classical Baroque music next to contemporary favorites like Michelle and Yesterday. Keep an eye on the concert schedule to catch your favorite songs played by local musicians from the Listezo String Quartet. 

So get ready, San Diego! These glittering concerts will give you an unforgettable and safe experience to look forward to this summer.

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