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Comic-Con Is Opening A Museum In Balboa Park In 2021 So Fans Can Geek Out Year-Round

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Comic-Con Is Opening A Museum In Balboa Park In 2021 So Fans Can Geek Out Year-Round

Comic-Con has big plans for San Diego, and we are beyond stoked. 

The iconic convention has been wowing people from all over the world since 1970, bringing people together to celebrate comics and all aspects of the popular arts. In recent years it has attracted more than 130,000 fans who marvel at the opportunity to interact with and learn from fellow fans and some of the creatives and technical geniuses behind their favorite characters, stories, and experiences. 

It’s the place to be for the four incredible summer days when it’s in town, and includes a multitude of events and activities including games, awards ceremonies, costume competitions, autograph sessions, art shows, portfolio reviews and an insane programming schedule with hundreds of other events.

[Image: Comic-Con Museum]
Starting soon, fans will no longer have to squeeze all their excitement and celebration into a four-day convention. The Comic-Con Museum is set to open in 2021 and will be housed in the historic Federal Building in the Palisades area of Balboa Park. 

The museum seeks to “thrive as a world-class attraction and gateway to popular art, culture, and life-long learning” as well as “serve as a pop culture focal point, enhancing the ways San Diego celebrates its unique place in the popular culture landscape.” It also plans to offer community service opportunities and expects to have a significant positive impact on the local economy, projecting a minimum of 100k visitors each year.

[Image: Comic-Con Museum]
Like many of our favorite comic book characters, there are two sides to Comic-Con’s vision for the space. During the day, the museum will offer visitors and tourists one-of-a-kind immersive educational experiences with rotating exhibits, activities and workshops. At night, it will become an awesome pop culture community space for special events, interactive movie nights, music, classes, gaming, and just hanging out.

[Image: Comic-Con Museum]
The building itself will undergo a substantial renovation to accommodate the whole vision. For the grand opening in 2021, Comic-Con is focusing on two main sections. Its 6,000 square foot Education Center on the Mezzanine level will serve to encourage a love of learning by exploring elements of pop culture including comics, science fiction, television, art, movies, mass media, fashion, and technology. The Atrium is set to have four flexible galleries with exhibits, panels, art shows, multimedia installations, experiential cinema and more.

[Image: Comic-Con Museum]
And that’s just the first part! As if that weren’t already enough to geek out over, the museum also has renovation plans for the lobby and entry plaza, to be finished by 2024. They’ll also add two new art galleries and an additional open-concept level for social gatherings to the mezzanine overlooking the atrium.

Needless to say, the Comic-Con Museum plans to live up to its name, and we are bubbling over with excitement!

[Featured image: Comic-Con Museum]

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