5 Incredible San Diego Food Trucks

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5 Incredible San Diego Food Trucks

Who doesn’t love food trucks?

Food trucks have been a part of American dining for centuries, though they weren’t on Instagram! But in the last ten years or so, food trucks as we know them now have become a thriving part of food culture. Last year, Shawarma Guys food truck won Yelps best place to eat in the U.S! Check out our list of 5 INCREDIBLE food trucks in San Diego!

1. Shawarma Guys

Starting off with last year’s yelp winner, Shawarma Guys won’t disappoint. They offer a unique take on Mediterranean classics that will make you fall in love. Their falafel is as delicious as it is fun saying. Their lemon cream chop chicken fries and the Shawarma plate are great are two other fantastic options!

Location: 3012 Grape Street

2. Kiko’s Place

Kiko’s offers up the freshest seafood on wheels! Their spicy octopus tacos alone are worth the trip! While you’re there, you also can’t miss the garlic octopus and OG fried fish tacos. You will probably have to stand in line for a while before you get your feast. But fear not, because the friendly staff gives out one amazing cup of soup while you wait. It is so good we promise you won’t mind the wait!

Location: 5494 Mission Center Rd

3. Rollin Roots

Rollin Roots serves up hearty vegan comfort food you’ll feel great about!
Rollin Roots had its start at farmer’s markets back in 2019, where they honed their craft of vegan comfort food. But when the pandemic began, they had to think up their next move. That is where the idea for a food truck was born. Make sure to try their Spicy Boy, a
Buffalo Chikun***( Oyster Mushroom) sub stuffed with slaw, ranch, tomatoes, and fries.


Location: 8040 Armour Street

4. Salt and Lime

Salt + Lime has outstanding Baja Style Cuisine! The food truck is located in Northpark. There’s plenty of outdoor seating underneath large trees and umbrella shades for sunny San Diego days. You need to try Taco Mi-Rey, a grilled shrimp with bacon and chicharron de queso. The surf and turf combination is DELICIOUS.

Location: 4625 30th St

5. A Truck Called Noodles

Another new food truck in the scene, A Truck Called Noddles, has made a fantastic impression. They have delicious food with fresh ingredients at such a reasonable price. If you’re looking for great munchies, their hand-cut Shaolin-style fries are it! Their papaya salad is so refreshing and equally delicious!

Location: Parked at Thorn St Brewery (North Park)


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