The NY Cat Film Festival Is Bringing Their Whiskers And Films To San Diego

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The NY Cat Film Festival Is Bringing Their Whiskers And Films To San Diego

Are you a cat person? Like, a real cat person?

Well, if you are, then why not attend an actual Cat Film Festival? Yes, you heard that right; you can watch a whole selection of festival films solely about Cats right here in San Diego.

The NY Cat Film Festival films premiered in New York City on Global Cat Day on October 16. This two-hour medley of animated, documentary and narrative shorts from around the world will continue to travel into 2022 to towns across the United States and Canada!

This cinematic event also has a philanthropic cause, as the screenings benefit a local animal welfare group that works to help our feline friends. This year’s program features 22 short films. You’ll see a variety of genres like The King O’ the Cats, an animated short about a cat performing an Olde English 19th century tale. Or a Feline Noir, a film noir parody about a hard-edged cat and an unlucky-at-love dame meant for each other. Other films include Nauticats, a tale of a feline ship and crew, led by the brave Captain Sam. And Quarantine Diary, a take on how the pandemic was quite inconvenient on a spoiled and grumpy house cat.


The screening starts at 7 pm this Wednesday, October 27, at Landmark Theatres in Hillcrest. Landmark Theatres is a highly recognized theatre chain that showcases a wide variety of films. These range from independent and foreign films to award darlings and summer blockbusters! In 2017 the Hillcrest Cinemas underwent an extensive remodel. The lobby was completely renovated to provide an upscale and inviting welcome. All the theaters were also remodeled with new seating and interior finishes. Here, you’ll be able to see all the latest independent movies to mainstream films and even cat festivals like this!


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