5 Essential Craft Breweries In San Diego

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5 Essential Craft Breweries In San Diego

These 5 spots are among the most exciting in the craft beer world!

San Diego has arguably the best craft beer in the country! America’s Finest City is home to more than 150 operational breweries and has nearly every kind of brew you could wish for!
What is particularly special about the craft beer in San Diego is how much it reflect the artist who makes them! There are plenty of Mexican-inspired breweries as well as beer from New Zealand!

To celebrate International Beer Day, we’ve put together a list of some of our favorites breweries in sunny San Diego, includingsome of the most exciting and innovative beers being made today!

Border X Brewing

Barrio Logan is San Diego’s first Latino-owned and operated brewery! This family business was founded by brothers David and Marcelino Favela and Marcelino’s two sons, Marcel and Martin. Rather than imitate European beers, Border X Brewing has dedicated itself to making delicious and unique Mexican Craft beer rather than imitate European beers. However, this is not your typical Mexican beer. Try some of their best, like Abullitas Chocolate Stout, Horchata Golden, and Blood Saison. Their Barrio Loga location is open Tuesday to Fridays from 4 p.m to 8 p.m and from Saturday and Sundays from 12 p.m to 6 p.m

Location: Location: 2181 Logan Ave, San Diego

Mujeres Brew House

Another excellent brewery in Barrio Logan is Mujeres Brew House. It is San Diego’s first Latina-owned brewery! Mujeres Brew House has a mission to be a welcoming place for women to learn about craft beer comfortably. The brewery has a behind-the-bar work experience program and a brewing program!

Location: 1983 Julian Ave, San Diego

Kairoa Brewing Company

Like many entries on this list, Kairoa is an ode to a foreign country, in this case, New Zealand. The owners and head brewer are all from New Zealand. They have decided to incorporate aspects from its rich culture to bring us a spectacular beer in a beautifully designed modern space. We recommend their Sunny Nelson West Coast IPA and enjoy it in their lovely rooftop bar ideal for the summer months!


Location: 4601 Park Blvd, San Diego

Battlemage Brewing Company

Are you a fan of Dungeon and Dragons? Well, if you are then this Vista brewery is for you! Its name, Battlemage, was inspired by the iconic board game since its founders loved it so much. They have fantastic beers that both respect tradition, like their Shroud of Mist, to other more adventurous flavors like Verses of Victory Brown Ale!

Location: 2870 Scott Street, 102, Vista

Viewpoint Brewing

Viewpoint Brewing in Del Mar has an unbelievable view that is alone worth the trip! It overlooks the San Dieguito Lagoon, which might be one of our favorite views in San Diego! They also have a fantastic outdoor patio where you can enjoy their delicious Mosaic Pale Ale in the fresh air! Their food is another fabulous plus and pair great with their other signature beers!

Location: 2201 San Dieguito Dr Suite D, Del Mar


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