This Hobbit House Lies Hidden In The Hills Of San Diego

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This Hobbit House Lies Hidden In The Hills Of San Diego

It seems like you need not go all the way to New Zealand to experience life in the Shire.

Traveling to Hobbiton in Matamata, New Zealand, may seem but a dream right now. But what if we told you, you need to look no further than Northern San Diego to live out your best Middle Earth dreams? Hidden away in the hilly Shire of San Diego, close to the Village of Ramona, there’s a beautiful Hobbit house. The charming rural hideaway inspired by J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Hobbit, was created by wildlife photographer Roy Toft and is nothing short of wonderful.

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Photo: Roy Toft via Airbnb

Complete with an iconic round door wooden-beam ceilings and a lush garden this tiny home is an absolutely magical dwelling in which to get lost in nature and disconnect from city living–Like, completely. The house has no electricity and there’s no Wifi or cell reception in the area.

Photo: Roy Toft via Airbnb


The accommodations are simple but utterly charming. There’s a granite sink with running water both inside and outside the house, a small closet to hang clothes in, a desk, a bar and a lovely little fireplace. If you choose to spend the night at San Diego’s Hobbit home, you’ll get to sleep in a luxurious double murphy bed that is set across a window that offers stunning views of the wilderness.

Photo: Roy Toft via Airbnb

There’s also plenty of outdoor sitting space with a fire pit barbecue and a camping stove, perfect for cozying up over the fire and maybe even grilling some s’ mores, Its fairy-tale garden, set right on the roof offers great views of the surrounding areas and its magical sunsets. Also located outside the house is the bathroom (yes, both the shower and the toilet) which will let you reconnect with nature on a whole other level. The views from up there are pretty stunning so at least you’ll get to enjoy a shower with a view.

Photo: Roy Toft via Airbnb


If you really can’t go without some of the modern amenities, the main house is just 250 feet down the road and has electrical outlets a¡ restroom and a bathtub.  Although its hosts recommend guests cook, eat, sleep at the hobbit house in order to get the full experience, and honestly we’re all about that–outdoor bathroom and all.

This a fantastical glamping experience is perfect for LOTR hardcore fans or simply individuals who are looking to unplug and reconnect with nature, Middle-Earth style.

The Hobbit House’s location is secret and will be revealed to you once you reserve your stay on their Airbnb page. 

[Featured image: Roy Toft via Airbnb]

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