This Hotel In Mexico Lets You Sleep In A Giant Barrel And Drink Tequila Straight From The Source

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Matices Tequila Barrel Hotel Mexico

You can stay in a barrel-shaped room at this beautiful tequila distillery in Mexico.

Fellow tequila lovers and margarita aficionados, we may have just found the perfect way in which to take your love for the oh-so-popular spirit to the next level — Spending the night in your very own tequila barrel conveniently located inside a dreamy distillery in Tequila, Mexico.

Matices, Hotel de Barricas (which literally means ‘hotel of barrels’) invites guests to become one with the drink and “go through the same path as an experimented tequila” by staying the night inside giant barrels of tequila on a stunning field of blue agave.

All thirty barrels come equipped with the usual hotel amenities including minibars, bathrobes, air-conditioning and TV. If you’re feeling especially fancy, you can upgrade to an Extra Aged Barrel which also comes with a private jacuzzi. Prices for Matice’s barrel rooms start at   3,950 Mexican pesos ($180) a night.

La Cofradía, the distillery owner of the hotel, offers tasting sessions and guided tours of the place so you can witness the distillation process through which La Cofradía produces 15,000 liters of tequila every single day. You can also purchase bottles of tequila on-site or design a custom one at the distillery’s ceramics workshop.

The site also boasts its own museum at which you can learn even more about the history of the drink and the town that gives the spirit its name, as well as a beautiful cave bar and restaurant, La Taberna del Cofrade, hidden 4.5 meters below ground. At this historic tavern, you’ll be able to enjoy traditional Mexican dishes paired with incredible tequila cocktails.


Honestly, this totally amazing tequila-themed experience has us already packing our bags for Mexico. How about you?

You can book your barrel by visiting Matice’s website here. 


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[Featured image: @maticeshoteldebarricas, Instagram]