Beloved Porch Concerts By Opera Singer Victoria Robertson Are Now Over

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Beloved Porch Concerts By Opera Singer Victoria Robertson Are Now Over

North Park says goodbye to their weekly musical treat.

For 25 weeks, North Park was uplifted by the voice of trained opera singer Victoria Robertson. It all started on Easter Sunday this past spring, when Robertson decided she would share her gift with the neighborhood in an attempt to bring everyone out of the funk of coronavirus.

“There was such a good reception that I’ll treat it like a concert,” Robertson said in an interview with CBS8. “I’ll dress up in my finest. I’ll invite guest musicians. It’s been such a lovely experience for me.”

Her first couple of shows lasted around 15 minutes and were performed from her front porch. In the era of the pandemic, Robertson felt it was best to keep her performances short and sweet. And sweet they were, as demonstrated by the growing number of audience members each and every week. 

Neighbors from all over the area came to see her performances, all happy for a mental break from our current reality while still respecting social distancing measures. Many set up chairs on the street and surrounding sidewalks, and even brought snacks to munch on as they listened to Robertson sing.

[Image: Ann Ann via Unsplash]
After a 25 week series of free porch concerts, neighbors of North Park now say goodbye to Victoria Robertson and the host of other musicians that accompanied her throughout her run. Having lived in North Park for 17 years, Robertson revealed that her landlord is putting her house on the market.

Sad to leave the area but happy to have made an impact on her neighborhood, Robertson emphasizes the curing power of music. “They really need it to lift up their spirits and as performers, that’s our whole mission. What can we do to lift people up, that’s why we do what we do.”

After all, they say music is food for the soul.

Watch one of her performances here!

[Featured image: Taylor Rooney via Unsplash]

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