Cuteness Alert: There’s A Platypus Live Cam At The San Diego Zoo

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Cuteness Alert: There’s A Platypus Live Cam At The San Diego Zoo

Eve and Birra are an awkward kind of quirky that we can all relate to, and it’s adorable.

Platypuses are weird. They’re essentially tiny otters with oversized flat duck bills. And webbed feet. With claws. But they are no doubt some of the cutest little creatures on the planet. 

Check out San Diego Zoo’s resident platypuses flipping, flopping and frolicking in this adorable video. We applaud you if you’re capable of only watching once.

San Diego Zoo’s Safari Park became home to these two adorable platypuses, Eve and Birrarung, in October 2019. It’s an incredible honor to be able to host the playful pair, who came from Taronga Zoo Sydney. According to the San Diego Zoo, they’re currently the only platypuses housed in a zoo outside of their native Australia. Not only that, but it’s the first time in over five decades that the species is cared for outside of Australia, making Eve and Birra total celebrities.

And now, with San Diego Zoo’s live cam, you watch the nation’s most famous platypuses play in the water anytime you want! Watch the cute pair wiggle their way through the water and awkwardly climb up rocks – it’s the cutest little video break you’ll take all day. Check out the live cam here.

And if Eve and Birra are sleeping or being camera shy, here’s a 4-minute video of the highlights (skip to 2:15 for actual footage of every little kid’s pool exit struggle):

Fun fact: platypuses are also venomous, and one of the last remaining egg-laying mammals on Earth.

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[Featured image: Pixabay]

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