24 Of The Best Responses To “You’re Not A San Diegan Until…”

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24 Of The Best Responses To “You’re Not A San Diegan Until…”

So, do you just live in San Diego, or are you a San Diegan?

We thought about this unspoken difference and decided to ask you all the simple question, “You’re Not A San Diegan Until…” You all had plenty to say, so we selected 25 of the best responses to settle the debate once and for all. So read your answers and find out if you hold the honor of being a San Diegan.

1. You hate everywhere that ISN’T San Diego

2. You get a ticket for drinking a can of alcohol on the beach

3. Avocados are part of your daily diet!

 4. You know the boobies mean you’re almost home

5. You complain about zonies

6. You learn to be overly sensitive about everything

7. You have to have a bowl of Pho and a taco before you settle in

8. You’ve walked the Spruce Street Suspension Bridge…

9. You leave a light jacket in your car all year round

 10. You hate moving your car bc of the parking

11. You’ve done a Grunion hunt and participated in Over the Line…uniquely San Diegan…

12. You wish San Diego was part of Arizona!! Lol

13. Till you eat a carne asada burrito at lolitas or

14. You get stung by a stingray at Blacks beach

15. You get more excited about a rainy day than the holidays ☔️🎅🏼

 16. The traffic is no longer an anger management issue 🤣… your empty dirt roads are long gone!

17. You feel super guilty having pizza on Taco Tuesday

18. You wait for your farmers’ market day to buy your produce


19. You know where all of the best vegan restaurants are!!!

2o. The Fat Friar Sings!!!

21. Until . . . you visit “The San Diego Zoo”!

22. Tell someone “We should hang out again…” knowing you won’t ever see them again 😂

 23. You have a fish taco

24. You stand at the window watching rainfall

25. Until you have tacos at El Gordo’s


Featured image: Johan Erkki / Shutterstock.com


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