7 Spectacular Must See Speakeasies In San Diego

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7 Spectacular Must See Speakeasies In San Diego

Speakeasies and cocktails are a match made in heaven! 

There’s nothing better than hitting up a dim-lit spot and sipping on a mouth-watering, specially crafted drink. Speakeasies and cocktails both have a thrilling and somewhat sorted history. According to the Food Republic, the first mention of cocktails appears all the way back in 1798 in The Morning Post and Gazetteer in London, England! In 1806 The Balance and Columbian Repository of Hudson, New York, defined them as “a stimulating liquor composed of any kind of sugar, water, and bitters.” Unfortunately, the legal fun came to a halt when the US government passed the Volstead Act, formally the National Prohibition Act, banning the sale of alcohol in 1920. 

During the 13 years of the prohibition, many made a pretty penny setting up illicit bars across the country. These were known as speakeasies because one had to be very discreet to not alert the police or noisy neighbors. They ranged from bars to back rooms to secrete basements. Since 1933 we may no longer have to use secret codes to enjoy an old-fashioned. Nevertheless, retro-inspired bars are a total vibe. These are 7 fabulous speakeasy bars in San Diego you have to visit! 

1.Young Blood

This is definitely one of the best speakeasies in San Diego. It has a beautifully designed space, delicious drinks, and excellent service! The drinks are intricately crafted and delicious. If you are looking for a dinner spot, we recommend you grab some food at Neighborhood before heading in.

Location: 777 G St, San Diego

2.Room 56

Room 56 is a unique cocktail experience full of history and mystery. The first step on your journey is to make reservations online and get a code. Then you’ll make your way to the Moxy Hotels in Gaslamp and delve deep inside and find the lobby’s mezzanine library. Once you test your code and are guided inside by the “librarian,” you’ll find an intimate and elegant bar where time has come to a halt. Room 56 is named after the founding fathers, the 56 signers of the Declaration of Independence!

Location: 831 Sixth Ave, San Diego

3.False Idol

You’ll find this Tiki Themed secret bar in the lovely neighborhood of Little Italy. This new hidden bar is inside the recently renovated and is one great Tiki Themed bar! You’ll get in the summer mood all year round in this fantastic getaway! 

Location: 675 W Beech St, San Diego

4.Seven Grand

Seven Grand in North Park is a fantastic spot for cocktail lovers and whiskey lovers alike! Seven Grand offers live music, pool tables, and just about any whiskey you can think of. They take the love of whiskey so seriously that you can sign up for an individual membership for whiskey connoisseurs, The Whiskey Society!


Location: 3054 University Ave

5.Realm of the 52 Remedies

The experience from the moment you step into the apothecary to entering the bar will surely be nothing but fun! The decor is outstanding, each sitting area is intimate and cozy, and the drinks are incredible. The staff is incredibly professional and personable. We do recommend you make reservations ahead of time.

Location: 4805 Convoy St, San Diego

6.Polite Provisions

Polite Provisions is a charming Apothecary-Esque 1920s inspired spot. They have fabulous drinks and specialize in unique whiskey cocktails that will keep you coming back for more! You and your inner flapper will have a hoot of a time at Polite Provisions. 

Location: 4696 30th St, San Diego

7.Oculto 477

We do love a theme, and Occulto 477 has a particularly unique one! This neo-speakeasy bar is the world’s first cemetery adjacent speakeasy! The hidden bar is inside Tahona, one of the oldest San Diego restaurants. Oculto 477 pays homage to El Campo Santo Cemetery with the 477 lights which mark each grave. 

Location: 2414 San Diego Avenue, CA 92110


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