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‘The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air’ Mansion Is Now Available On Airbnb

By Secret San Diego

fresh prince mansion

Airbnb is offering the ‘Freshest staycation’ on the West Coast, and it’s only $30 a night.

Will Smith is handing over the keys to the kingdom (his wing of the mansion from ‘The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air’) for five one-night stays in October. Guests will be able to kick it in the pristine Brentwood home and indulge in some serious 90s nostalgia in honor of the iconic show’s 30th year since premiering. Successful guests will stay in the luxurious crib complete with “graffiti art, elegant interiors, timeless family portraits and Philadelphia cheesesteak served on silver plates,” according to the listing. The only caveat is that it’s only available to Los Angeles residents.

No, Uncle and Aunt Banks won’t be joining you, which means you have a plush bedroom, bathroom, pool, dining room and outdoor lounge all to yourself. Then, as part of the “royal perks,” guests will be able to try on clothes, lace up a pair of Jordans, play b-ball in the bedroom and spin beats on DJ Jazzy Jeff’s icon turntables.

From September 29 at 11 am PDT, Angelenos can attempt to make a booking for a one-night stay on October 2, 5, 8, 11, and 14, for a maximum of two guests. Best of all, it will only set you back $30—a dollar for every year that’s gone by since the show first aired. And because the show is centered around community and family, Airbnb will also be making a one-time donation to the Boys & Girls Clubs of Philadelphia.


Of course, “fresh” trickles down to every detail which is why the stays will be staggered with intensive cleaning in between stays in accordance with Airbnb’s Enhanced Cleaning Protocol, which follows the CDC’s guidelines.

Lucky fans could spend the day soaking up rays poolside, with a boom box in tow, slip on some Jordans, shoot hoops from the gigantic bed and be served food on silver platters. Get a closer look at a life of luxury here airbnb.com/fresh.

Featured image: Airbnb