San Diego City Workers Required To Provide Proof Of Covid-19 Vaccination Status By Friday

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San Diego City Workers Required To Provide Proof Of Covid-19 Vaccination Status By Friday

City of San Diego employees must provide proof of COVID-19 vaccination by Friday, August 13, whether or not they are fully vaccinated.

The city sent a letter to its employees on Aug. 2 requiring ‘Mandatory Reporting of COVID-19 Vaccination Status.’ According to the letter, this includes a photo or scanned copy of the employee’s vaccination card.

The letter included fully vaccinated employees will not be required to wear face masks while at work, either while indoors or outdoors. But employees who still are not fully vaccinated must still wear face masks indoors or in coworking spaces. As reported by NBC 7, the city-states that at this time, there are no testing requirements for employees who still have not completed the vaccination process.

This new policy comes after California announced in July that it requires state employees to provide proof of vaccination or take weekly COVID-19 tests. As the Delta variant has become the most dominant variant and is more contagious and aggressive than the original strain, this policy is hoped to encourage people who have yet to be vaccinated to get the vaccine now. Dr. Anthony Fauci said Monday that he’s hopeful COVID-19 vaccines will get full FDA approval by the end of August, which could signal further vaccine mandates in the private sector. Last month, the Biden administration announced a requirement similar to California’s state requirements, affecting 35,000 federal civilian workers in San Diego.

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