Valle De Guadalupe Is The Perfect Wine Lover’s Getaway

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Valle De Guadalupe Is The Perfect Wine Lover’s Getaway

Valle de Guadalupe has quickly become the ultimate wine lovers tourist destination with its more than 100 wineries!

Valle de Guadalupe is a beautiful wine-growing region in Baja California, Mexico. It is one of the safest regions in all of Mexico and is less than a two-hour drive from San Diego and around a four-hour drive from Los Angeles, making it a fantastic weekend getaway! The wineries are open throughout most of the year, the busiest period being during the Fiestas de la Vendimia, from July through August, during which the grapes are picked and crushed. However, the weather might be too hot, so it might be more comfortable and less crowded to visit in the Fall or Spring. We recommend visiting from late March to early May to see the rich array of colors from the flowers in bloom.

Since Guadalupe is a tourist hotspot, there are many guided tours to choose from to show you to the best wineries in the region! Most of these tours depart Rosarito, Ensenada, Tijuana, and even across the border in San Diego. We recommend Baja Wine Tours and Valley Girl Wine Tours. The wineries do tend to charge for tastings but not always for tours. The costs vary significantly, so there’s bound to be a perfect tour and tasting for every budget!

The most practical way to visit Valle de Guadalupe is by car; many tourists even cross the border in Tijuana or Tecate with their own car. If you prefer, you can easily rent a car once in Mexico to avoid the complication of taking a rental car across the border. Uber also has a service called “ubervalle” that offers day-long, round-trip rides to the Valle de Guadalupe from Ensenada!

Valle de Guadalupe has an exciting history that lead it to become the wine lover’s destination that it is today! Before the Mexican Revolution, the Catholic Church held much land and had small wineries in Guadalupe. After the Revolution in 1859, the Church lost the right to hold property, resulting in many settlers abandoning their wineries. Eventually, the word spread about the richness of the soil, and people began moving to Valle de Guadalupe to purchase land.

Surprisingly, the Spanish weren’t the only ones settling in Guadalupe. In the 1900s, Russian immigrants played a crucial role in establishing this region. Many fled the Russian Revolution, purchased land in Guadalupe, and used innovative wine-making techniques from Europe. Most Russians then fled Mexico during World War II. However, their influence is still felt today with Bibayoff’s wines. This winery was founded in 1931 by a Russian family and it is a must-see vineyard to learn about both their wine and history.


Another fabulous winery is Adobe Guadalupe winery. It is one of the most atmospheric in the valley. It has beautiful Spanish Mission-style architecture, complete with a bell tower and adobe arches. You can also stay in its charming six-room Bed and Breakfast!

Another highly recommended winery is Monte Xanic. This exclusive winery only lets you in if you have reservations in place, so make sure to plan ahead! This oasis has its own lake and is a picturesque location perfect for enjoying its delicious wine.


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