PHOTOS: The Fires Are Making Cali’s Skies Glow Red, & It Feels Like Night All Day

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California Wildfires 2020

The widespread fires have created their own microclimate, engulfing Cali in a cloud of red.

Four months of wildfire season remain but West Coast states are already struggling to control the nearly 100 fires blazing through the area. According to the National Interagency Fire Center,  more than 3.4m acres have burned so far with tens of thousands of acres burned in the last day in California, Oregon and Washington. The massive fires have spread far and wide across the area generating their own microclimate. These stunning photos show the haunting effect the fireshave had on California weather.

The massive fires have made California skies red, turning the area into a totally surreal landscape.

San Francisco hasn’t seen the sun since Wednesday because of the hovering dark orange cloud of fog and smoke generated by the surrounding fires.


This is how San Francisco looked like shortly after sunrise on Wednesday, September 9.

And this is what the sunset looks like in L.A. right now.

The phenomenon has been caused by the great amounts of smoke and ashes in the air, which are generating their own weather.

Air quality has also plummeted to dangerous levels.

This before and after shows the heartbreaking damage the Bear fire has had in Oroville.


Other West Coast areas have also seen their sky turn red. In Salem OR, this Twitter user captured the views outside his house, with no filter.

And Oregon City has also been engulfed in a dense cloud of smoke.

If you want to help victims of the recent wildfires, here are a few ways in which you can do it.

[Featured image: @scruffleupagus, Instagram]

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