7 Cozy Coffee Shops To Work Or Study In San Diego

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7 Cozy Coffee Shops To Work Or Study In San Diego

Whether you are looking for fantastic coffee in the city or an ideal place to work, these spots have you covered!

Since many of us are working and studying more from home, sometimes it’s nice to go to a cozy coffee shop with great Wifi! These lovely San Diego spots are all great options to get some much-needed work done while enjoying a great cup of joe! 


1. Lestat’s Coffee House

Lestat Coffee House is the perfect place for those all-nighters! They serve up coffee 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You’ll find that the coffee house is almost always packed with people working away. Their coffee and sandwiches are delicious, and best of all, the Wifi is also excellent! The coffee house is spacious yet still has the ideal cozy atmosphere. 

Location: 3343 Adams Ave, San Diego, CA 92116 

2.Cafe Virtuoso

Cafe Virtuoso is a coffee lover’s dream. The local artisanal coffee roaster offers some of the best organic and fair trade coffee around! Their knowledgeable baristas will make your experience that much better. The design of Virtuoso has a unique industrial vibe and is a great chill place to work. If you need a break from your computer screen, you can look around the roastery, which is open to the public. They do open at 6:30 am during the week but close up relatively early, at 3 pm

Location: 1616 National Avenue, San Diego, CA 92113

 3. Jennings House Cafe 

Jennings House Cafe is located in a converted home, so coziness is guaranteed! This casual coffee shop is loved by locals and students who have some work or studying to do. Since it is such a popular spot, the downstairs area tends to be crowded. However, you’ll typically be able to find a quiet place upstairs. Their Wifi is good, and a real plus is how there are plugs everywhere! Their menu has many delicious pastries and great lunch options. They open up at 6 am and close up at 2 pm, Friday to Tuesday.  

Location: 1018 Rosecrans Street, San Diego, CA 92106

4. Krakatoa Cafe

Krakatoa is an excellent Golden Hill little coffee shop with a relaxed vibe. The cafe is a repurposed craftsman house with a large patio deck that wraps around the. It’s a great spot to spend the whole day as they open up at 6:30 am and close up at 8 pm every day except on Sundays. If you get a caffeine rush after hours of working, we suggest you try one of their refreshing smoothies! 


Location: 1128 25th Street, San Diego, CA 92102

5. Brick & Bell Café

If you are a certified morning person, Brick & Bell Cafe might be made for you. They open their doors every day at 5:30 am! If you arent that great with mornings, then the smell of their freshly roasted coffee and baked pastries will undoubtedly help you. They have two locations in lovely La Jolla, where you can enjoy breakfast or lunch as you work on your projects!

 Location: 928 Silverado St. & 2216 Avenida de la Playa, La Jolla, San Diego, CA 92109

6. Caffe Calabria

Caffe Calabria is a lovely Italian spot with delicious coffee and food for you to enjoy. They open bright and early at 6 am on weekdays and at 7 am during the weekend. This friendly local favorite is a charming place to catch up on work. They, however, won’t suit night owls on Monday and Tuesday since they do close up at 3 pm those days. But they close at 11 pm every other day.

Location: 3933 30th St, San Diego, CA 92104

7. Crushed

Crushed is actually not a coffee shop, per se. It is a trendy restaurant in Pacific Beach. However, it is still a wonderful place to get work while enjoying a tasty brunch! Since it isn’t a coffee shop, it doesn’t open that early in the morning. Its 10 am opening time still leaves you plenty of time to work, and they stay open until midnight!

Location: 967 Garnet Ave, San Diego, CA 92109


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