10 Inventive And Ingenious Ways To Give Out Candy For Covid-Friendly Trick-Or-Treating

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10 Inventive And Ingenious Ways To Give Out Candy For Covid-Friendly Trick-Or-Treating

Wow your trick-or-treaters with creative candy chutes and socially distanced delivery devices!

Like most events this year, Halloween in 2020 is going to be a little different from years gone by. COVID-19 has forced us to cancel, reschedule, or adapt almost all of our much loved annual events. Many festivities have been canceled or gone digital, and concerts have turned into drive-in experiences, called off altogether or have found weird and wonderful ways to adapt with personal bubbles and other covid-safe solutions.

Well, if concerts can persevere then so too can Halloween, and people sure aren’t letting coronavirus get between them and the spookiest weekend of the year. If there is one thing that defines Halloween it’s costumed kids going door to door expecting their buckets to fill up with candy and, with the kooky creativity humanity has to offer, this year doesn’t have to be any different.

It’s in the build-up to Halloween when people reveal their true creative prowess, and this year we certainly aren’t being let down. In addition to the usual creepy costumes and ominous decorations, inventive candy delivery systems are sweeping the internet as people share how they plan to get candy to kids and keep the much-loved Halloween tradition alive while practicing safe physical distancing. 6 foot tubes, tongs, and foot-triggered doorbells are just a few ingenious ideas to beat coronavirus this Halloween! Here we’ve rounded up a few of the best creations out there:

1. The Basic Pipe Chute

A simple chute from a porch is easily done with a basic plastic PVC pipe bought from a local hardware store or a tube from a recent Amazon order!

2. The Extended Chute

No porch? No problem. It just takes a little more planning. Nobody is questioning the social distancing there!

3. The Vertical Chute

Living in an apartment is no excuse either, folks. Just smile, wave, and drop.

4. The Decorated Candy Chute

For those who do have a porch or a door on the ground floor, embrace the Halloween spirit and make your chute is extra spooky by building your decorations around it!

5. The Candy Cannon

No Luke, it’s “chute” not “shoot”!

6. A Sweet Slingshot

We all love a good slingshot, just be careful where you’re aiming…

7.  The Halloween Zipline

The good ole pulley system – simple, yet effective. This is your chance to put those grade school science skills to good use!

8. The Drone Drop Off

Talk about making the most of new-age technology!

9. A Candy-Giving Robot

Speaking of new-age technology, some people are going the extra mile. This takes remote control delivery to a whole new level!

10. A Giant Candy-Giving Foam Hand… Thing?

Now we really have seen it all, but you’ve gotta love the creativity!

[Featured image: Carl Raw via Unsplash]

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