Tickets To This Submarine Pop-Up Themed Bar Have Been Released!

Marie-Angèle Zoungrana Marie-Angèle Zoungrana

Tickets To This Submarine Pop-Up Themed Bar Have Been Released!

If you’ve always wanted to explore the underwater world, today’s your lucky day: this tiki submarine-inspired pop-up bar is setting sail in San Diego, bringing with it fantastical submerged adventures. A secret location turns into a Cold War submarine, offering you the perfect vibe to party with a sick band and drink boozy cocktails in a sea-themed venue.

Get your tickets here before they go! 

As you dive deep into the mysterious blue of the ocean, experience an immersive evening filled with kitschy underwater scenery and eclectic musical performances. Dance carefree to the tunes of the killer Big Band as you uncover the mysteries of the deep sea. The submerged bar leaves secrets in its tracks, and at this ‘underwater’ Tiki experience, the answers reveal themselves to you if you dare uncover them… 

If you’re feeling inquisitive, a gallant captain and their hardworking crew will help you unlock the submarine’s secrets. Once you’ve found out about the mysteries of the underwater reefs, nautical-themed cocktails will blow you out of the water, giving you well-earned sea legs!  

A Cold War Submarine-themed Tiki Bar: The Acey-Deucey Club

Coming early 2022
Ticket prices will start at $64
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