50 Activities In San Diego To Check Off Your List This February

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50 Activities In San Diego To Check Off Your List This February

A list of must-do’s to make your February fly by.

January was certainly eventful, but now it’s February’s turn to take the reigns. It might be the shortest month of the year, but that doesn’t mean there is any less to do! This month, San Diegans enjoy a little bit more freedom in their free time, as the city slowly but surely inches back towards normalcy with the recent lifting of the stay-at-home order. From revisiting some of your favorite furry friends at the zoo to checking out some new spots for the next brunch date with your inner circle, there are loads of activities to fill your calendar.

Check out these 50 activities for a fabulous February in San Diego!

1. Roll through SeaWorld in this special Sesame Street parade

[Image courtesy of SeaWorld San Diego]
For the first time ever, guests can explore SeaWorld from the comfort of their own cars. Check out this dazzling Parade of Lights for a drive-thru experience featuring thousands of twinkling lights and some of Sesame Street’s favorite residents. The parade only runs through this month, so be sure to check it out before Bert and Ernie and the gang return home!

2-12. Chow down at a gorgeous San Diego patio

Patio For Outdoor Dining San Diego
[Image: @casaguadalajara , Instagram]
With the stay-at-home order lifted, local restaurants can again welcome customers for outdoor dining (yay!). Luckily, San Diego has a plethora of spots with outdoor seating. This month, revisit your favorite spots or check out some new ones for a tasty meal al fresco on one of the city’s most beautiful patios. And if you’re not quite ready for in-person dining, you can still order out!

Here are some of our favorite spots:

13-14. Visit some of your favorite furry friends at San Diego Zoo and Safari Park

[Image: Jessica Weiller via Unsplash]
San Diego Zoo and Safari Park reopened at the end of last month, adding yet another outdoor activity for San Diegans to enjoy this February. Head to the parks to visit all the wildlife and enjoy limited shows, shopping, dining, and transportation experiences.

Want to add some even more fun to your trip to San Diego Zoo? Check out this awesome scavenger hunt you can do right from your smartphone!

15-24. Give in to all your Mexican food cravings

[Image: Tai’s Captures via Unsplash]
Craving some tacos (who isn’t, really)? These 10 local spots won’t disappoint. Head to one (or all) of these San Diego restaurants serving up incredible Mexican cuisine to get your fill of tacos, barbacoa, nachos and more.

25-34. Reignite your love for brunch

[Ala via Unsplash]
Brunch is back! With outdoor dining added back into the mix, San Diegans can again live out all their brunch dreams in-person. This month, reunite with your favorite sweet and savory classics for that delicious boozy brunch you’ve been craving.

35-42. Get a taste of Museum Month

[Image courtesy of Lux Art Institute]
February is Museum Month in San Diego. This year’s program may look a bit different, but there are still loads of ways to experience the city’s diverse museum scene. Aside from virtual events and activities, these 8 museums have opened up just in time for a month of exploration and rediscovery.

43-44. Catch a flick at one of these open-air theaters

[Image: Shutterstock]
Indoor movie theaters remain closed but, luckily, San Diego has plenty of outdoor theaters where locals can get their film fix of the classics, cult favorites and new releases. Check out these awesome open-air theaters for a unique movie experience under the stars. 

45-50. Go on one of these exciting scavenger hunts through San Diego

[Image: Luke Porter via Unsplash]
These amazing scavenger hunts take walking tours to a whole new level. Spend an afternoon exploring the history and culture of different parts of San Diego by solving riddles and uncovering clues straight from an app on your smartphone. There’s no better way to explore your way through San Diego at your own pace!

[Featured image: Joshua Wilking via Unsplash]

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